Sunday, November 25, 2012

JiujitsuGeeks Podcast / Renzo Gracie

I really don't need to tell you who Renzo Gracie is or what he contributed to MMA or BJJ. If you don't know who he is then today must be your first day studying the art of jiujitsu so congratulations!
I also don't need to mention what a huge honor it was to be able to get a few minutes of Master Renzo's  attention for the podcast. We just finished up a seminar he conducted at Team Mannon BJJ in Blacksburg, Va ( and we already on cloud 9 because of the cool stuff we just learned.
This podcast was recorded in two parts. The first part is a post seminar review with Brian, Aaron, and myself. The second part is the actual interview with Renzo.

A big thanks to Tim Mannon for hosting the Renzo seminar and being very hospitable to all of his guests. Tim treats everybody like matter if he has met you before or not. If you are in Blacksburg and are looking for a place to train, be sure to check him out!



JiujitsuGeeks Podcast / Renzo Gracie

You can find Renzo on the web here..

Brian being very cool! 

Renzo teaching Aaron some finer points of side control

Renzo corrected Chris on something. I think. 
Renzo and his Tim Mannon
Renzo signing E.T.'s poster. We are nerds. 

Renzo and E.T

One last photo with the master.

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