Monday, December 31, 2012

Review of Scramble Spats

If I could travel back in time 5 years there would be a list of a few things that I would guess I would never have in my future.  That list would include:
A child
Health Insurance
A Freddy Mercury style mustache
Grappling spats
Here in the present day, I have all of those except for the mustache. It’s not that I don’t want to look like the lead singer of Queen…it is just that I don’t have that type of facial hair growth ability hardwired in my DNA.
Owning the grappling spats takes even me by surprise. I have seen them advertised and worn by the BJJ and MMA elite but could never see me wearing a pair. At first glance they look like just a pair of tights. If you readers are anything like me then you got your fill of wearing tights when you unsuccessfully tried to become a super hero in your mid-teen years. Our buddy Aaron at asked the Jiu-jitsu Geeks to review a pair for his website and I am the one that got the assignment.
Vital Stats:
Brand:  Scramble
Style:  Basic
Color:  Black / White
Retail Price:  $59.99 (
Size:  XL – This is at least a size 36inch pants.
Number of times worn:  14
Number of times washed:  14
It is pretty obvious to state, but the Scramble grappling spats are a rashguard for your legs. They are thin enough to be worn with grappling shorts or even under your gi. I used them in both nogi and gi classes. The best use was in nogi. Wearing them under a gi can get pretty heat intensive. After an intense warm up, I had to hit the changing room to take the off from under my gi pants.
Nogi, however, was a different story. They breathed nicely and did not bunch up at all. Usually, with a long sleeve rashguard, after a few washes the sleeve area becomes loose. It would only make sense that the same would happen to the ankle part of the Scramble spats, right? It didn’t. The material help its elasticity after several warm ups, drilling and sparring sessions, and washes. That is the highest compliment I can give the Scramble spats. Because we are in such a physically demanding activity, durability or our attire is always a concern. I can safely say the Scramble spats will last a long time and many washes.
The designs on the Scramble spats are minimal at best. Scramble makes a rainbow or multicolored spats but the pair I reviewed had minimal art design. The famous Scramble logo is on the lower right leg and the “Original and Best Ganso” logo is on the right hip. The pants are black and the seams are white. For someone like myself who never considered owning a pair, minimal design is much preferred. After repeated use and washes, the artwork has not faded or chipped a bit.
The Scramble spats are great product. They are made of the highest quality and were designed with great attention to detail. I have taken to keeping them in my gym bag for days when unwashed newbies come to class or when I am rolling on foreign mats. When I do finally wear through the Scramble spats, I will be ordering another pair. Of course, from
Final Grade - A
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