Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: The Game of Human Chess

Here is a video that I show my friends when they are curious about BJJ.  If the visuals combined with the song do not inspire you to take to the mats then nothing will. Enjoy!


Monday, February 27, 2012

Joel Tudor Has a Better Day Job Than Me

A slick video from Vans showing a day in the life of their sponsored surfer, Joel Tudor. I am a fan of Joel because he is a great competitor and has a job outside of jiu-jitsu. As a desk jockey, I always enjoy watching guys balance a job and competing at the highest level. Joel just has a cooler day job than me.


Cool Kron Gracie video

It must be extremely difficult being the offspring of the single most revered figure in jiujitsu. Kron Gracie may not have the flawless record his father boasts but he is still a very dominate figure in the sports jiujitsu world. Not only does he have an impressive competition record but his understanding of the art and ability to articulate its finer points is inspiring. Watch this video and see for yourself....


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Veni, vidi, jiujitsu

If you are reading this you probably already know the numerous positive benefits that come along with training in the Brazilian jiujitsu. I could write thousands of words on that subject alone and never come close to saying all there is say on the subject. So, I won't. Why try? How much more needs to be written? Not much. How much needs to be said into a recording device and then put online? Lots? Awesome.. you and I (and my partner Aaron) agree on that. In the coming weeks a new BJJ podcast will emerge. One that will divide, unite, and then probably divide again. The aforementioned podcast will talk about all things BJJ with an slight emphasis on new jiujitsu products. A more slighter emphasis on what Aaron and I are working on the mats. And even slighter emphasis on what D list celebrities were seen leaving local night clubs and what they were wearing. That emphasis will be so slight that I can assure it will never ever be talked about on the podcast.
Keep an eye here also for cool links and updates of stuff happening in the world of BJJ.

Helio be our guide,