Sunday, August 19, 2012

JiujitsuGeeks Podcast Episode 11 / Gustavo Machado

On this episode of the podcast Aaron and I talk to Gustavo Machado. Gustavo is a 3rd degree black belt and the leader of one of the most prestigious competition teams on the east coast. Also with us is black belt and yogi Jimmy Yax. The topics vary and go back and fourth...which is the way our thought process works. Enjoy!


JiujitsuGeeks Podcast 11 / Gustavo Machado

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Some pics courtesy of Brian Ingle.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Human Chess

(Note : Brian is joining the JiujitsuGeek staff yet he has no idea his first contribution is a rehash of something I posted months back. Lets not tell him that he screwed the pooch the first time out. It will be our secret...hehehe. - E.T.)

(Note:  Thanks to everyone for keeping it a secret, I'm very easily discouraged and your discretion is appreciated.  I trust you'll do the same with the knowledge that E.T. still has a problem with wetting the bed.  Oss!)

I was watching two upper-level belts roll yesterday and it really dawned on me just how accurate the nickname "human chess" is to bjj.  It's so awesome to watch two people who know what they're doing go at it on the mat (unless one of them is E.T., in that case you'd better prepare for a snoozer).  Whether it's a friendly, technical roll or an all-out battle, the endless combinations of throws, submissions, sweeps, escapes and reversals makes our sport the 3-dimensional (and more dangerous) version of chess.

It made me remember the title of this video.  On days when I don't really feel like going to train, I'll watch it and it always gets me pumped.  Seriously, how could you not want to roll after watching this?  Enjoy!