Sunday, July 15, 2012

JiujitsuGeeks Podcast Episode 10 / Live From The BBC

Aaron and I had a lot of things to discuss this week. So much we had to ask regular guest Chris Mahan to sit in with us. Also with us this episode is Brian Ingle. If you don't know the name Brian Ingle, you are not alone. If you do know his name....what the hell is wrong with you? Brian reviewed the Tatami rash guard for us and will help contribute content for the blog and podcast in the future. Not much else to say on this but we hope you enjoy!

JiujitsuGeeks Podcast Episode X



Roger Gracie Vs. Keith Jardine from Strikeforce "Rockhold vs Kennedy"

Hey bro, what did you say your last name was again?

The new BJJ brand we are digging..

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Good friend and instructor to the Jiu-Jitsu Geeks, Gustavo Machado Black Belt, Chris Mahan shows some nice attacks from the mount in this video. Unfortunately, it does not look much different when we roll live.

You can find out more about Chris on the academy's website and YouTube page. 



Sunday, July 1, 2012

Review of Tatami Rash Guard

A big thanks to Aaron over at for providing us with a rash guard to review. It was a bit too big for JiujitsuGeek Aaron and a bit too small for myself so we gave it to our training partner and BJJ nerd Brian Ingle to test. Brian was a hall monitor throughout middle and high school so we knew he would do a fine job with the review. Enjoy!


Test dates:  5/28/12 — 6/30/12

Vital Stats:
Brand:  Tatami
Style:  Gen X
Color:  Red & Black
Retail Price:  $49.99 (
Size:  L
Measurements (before testing):
-Sleeve length (end of cuff to shoulder stitching):  31”
-Torso length (armpit seam to bottom of rash guard):  18”
-Width of rash guard (flat):  15 ½” 
Number of times worn:  15
Number of times washed:  5
Measurements (after testing):
-Sleeve length (cuff to shoulder stitching): 31 ½” 
-Torso length (armpit seam to bottom of rash guard):  same as before (18”)
-Width of rash guard (flat):  same as before (15 ½”)

Designed for the rigors of grappling, the Tatami Gen X is triple-stitched and made of a polyspandex material that allows it to flex without tearing.  This shirt is stitched in a way that the seams don’t rub against the body while training.  

The basic color scheme of the shirt I reviewed is red and black, though the Gen X is also available in a white/purple scheme.  There are four graphic elements featured, one on each sleeve and on the front/back as well.  Three of them are simply Tatami’s logo, while the fourth is large chest graphic.  

This rash guard was tested by the Jiu-jitsu Geeks for a month and was worn in gi and no-gi training, as well as during non-bjj workouts.
After a month the artwork and color of the rash guard show very little, if any, signs of wear.  The colors look just as good now as they did the first day and the logos are still crisp.  The logos and design elements are dyed into the shirt, so it will last longer than art that is applied via heat or some other post-production process.  Plus, this eliminates the worry that the logos will crack.

Finally, the body of the rash guard didn’t change in size at all.  The size it shipped as is the size it stayed.  The body of this rash guard fits snug and is cut slightly longer too, so it didn’t ride up during training.

I tested this rash guard for a month, putting it through its paces both on the mat and by washing it quite a bit over a short period of time.  One thing that I noticed is that the stitching started to fray in a few places after several washes.  This happened along the shoulder, the bottom of the rash guard and at the neck.  Nothing too drastic, it’s not like the panels of fabric started to come apart, but it was surprising that it happened after only a few washes.

The other thing I noticed is that the sleeves of this rash guard are unusually long.  They needed to be pushed up whenever I wore it because when the sleeves were fully rolled down they came to the middle knuckle of my fingers.  Basically, I would need a wingspan like Jon Jones to properly fill out the sleeves.  When measured after the test period was over, the sleeves had actually stretched a little too (though I suspect was from me putting on/taking off the shirt so much).  Since the body of this rash guard was pretty snug, it stands to reason that if a smaller person who usually wears a “large” got this size than they could end up with a built-in pair of rash guard mittens.  

Overall the quality of the rash guard impressed me.  Aside from the extra-long sleeves and the few instances of fraying, it’s a solid piece of gear and the price is middle-of-the-road for what you’ll spend on other brands for a long sleeve.  I liked the design and from what I saw I think this will be a rash guard that holds up well over the long run.  If I could go back, knowing what I do now, I would definitely get another one.  Plus, Tatami sponsors Terere.  So wearing their stuff makes me roll like him…right?

Final Grade:

Check out to get one for yourself!

The rash guard. Not Brian wearing it...too much body definition. 

The sleeve length was the main complaint. Note: The girly fingers and gnawed nails are not a result of wearing the rash guard. 

A tad bit of fraying. This may be the work of Brian' cat, Ben Franklin. 

Photos and review by Brian Ingle. 

Questions about the rash guard? Comments on the review? Just want me to insult Brian a little more? Hit us up at 

Got Issues?

It seems every time I find a really cool website or service, it sells something that I am sure will piss off my wife. The other night when I stumbled across a new site that sells back issues of martial arts magazines, I knew I had to hide this from my better half. I already have multiple rubbermaid containers full of martial arts magazines taking up space in my attic, shed, and home office. I will just have to deal with her wrath once packages start arriving.
The guy that owns the site, Jeff, is a BJJ guy with 20 years experience in the martial arts. I have to give him a shout out because his bio reads like mine. Visit the site below and look through his collection. If you see something you like and want to purchase, shoot Jeff an e-mail and he will send you the price and ordering instructions. Even if you have no interest in buying I recommend just looking through the scans of magazine covers. He also buys martial arts magazines if you a collection you are looking to get  rid of.